When the world started to work-from-home, cybercriminals changed their focus. VPN technology, among other things, became a focus of attacks. For example, vphishing (voice phishing) is now widely used in an attempt to steal employees’ VPN credentials and access their organization’s network either directly or by taking advantage of platform vulnerabilities.

Our mission at Applied Technology Group is to help organizations implement VPN Cybersecurity solutions with the least impact on usability and budget.  After years of research and practical experience, we’ve found that adopting industry-accepted frameworks and standards provides IT and the business with an alignment of processes and goals to keep the organization moving forward with an actionable and measurable VPN plan.  Our experience has also found that one framework doesn’t fit every need or audience.  IT staff need rules and concepts that apply to day to day practices and system management.  Executives and the business need strategic goals and best practices that strengthen the overall VPN security posture by strengthening risk management practices across the company.

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