Remediation, Training & Staff Development

Our Motto: Solutions From Your Side of the Table

Please spend some time with us, and you discover that we understand what it’s like in IT and how it feels to receive an audit of findings that must be quickly corrected.  Executives want action and answers; IT needs resources and time; meanwhile, the auditors have moved on to their next engagement.

We have seen the reports and the lack of action.  We have seen the phone ring or ticket come through that distracts IT from doing what IT needs to protect the company.  Our goal is to sit on the same side of the table with you, shoulder to shoulder, and “make it happen.” Applied Technology Group is an ally to the IT team, not a competition or a replacement.

Examples of what our staff can assist with:

  • Security program or product implementation (i.e., patch management, vulnerability assessment, change management, asset management, firewall, intrusion prevention, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Network Access Control (NAC) and much more)
  • Policy and process development
  • Management and governance initiatives (i.e., Incident Response Plans, BCP/DR plans, and much more)
  • Determine compliance requirements and efforts (PCI, HIPAA, and much more)
  • Staff training on security frameworks, best practices, and certification tracks
  • Develop requirements to procure, deploy, and maintain security products and solutions.
  • Deploy best practices on your firewalls and other security solutions.

Solutions are available by project or as part of our subscription services.