Cybersecurity Awareness

Successful cybersecurity awareness programs must include security awareness programs that engage the user.  Subscribing to a pre-defined program with a lengthy video and extensive documentation has proven ineffective.  Our solution is to provide customized content based on your organization’s awareness in short videos, conference calls, and easy-to-read emails.

We start by developing content relevant to your organization, sending regular emails, and inviting users to attend web conferences co-hosted with your team.  With Applied Technology Group at your side, we can target users with expertise in your organization’s operations and our daily cybersecurity topics to ensure the message you need to get to the users will be communicated.

Your end-users will get:

  • Targeted emails that reflect specific needs in your organization.
  • Emails are short and concise, often linked to a video or short questionnaire that provides additional information or affirmation of mastery.
  • Alerts sent to all users with general information when there is a significant breach or threat.
  • Video training for onboarding specific to your needs, usually 5 to 15 minutes long.
  • Web conferences to discuss threats, risks, or initiatives relevant to your organization and industry, co-hosted with your team and ours to ensure relevance.

Solutions are available as part of our subscription services.