Amazon walks back email requiring employees to remove Tik-Tok app from mobile devices

The popular app Tik-Tok has been banned (or at least heavily scrutinized) by many organizations, notably the US Government for privacy concerns related to data leakage back to China. The disclosure relates to the unauthorized usage of data placed on the clipboard of the mobile device. Amazon slipped an email requiring employees to remove the app due to concerns with risk, then walked it back and said they didn’t mean it. Not sure why that would happen but Wells Fargo banned it due to privacy concerns. This isn’t the only app that behaves this way. Organizations must perform a risk assessment of all apps allowed on devices that store, process, and transmit corporate data. This is also why it is so important to run Mobile Device Management solutions on mobile devices that access corporate data. These solutions should containerize corporate data and keep that data separate from personal apps.  

Link to story:

An email banning our staff from using TikTok? Haha, funny story about that, we didn’t mean it – Amazon

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