Hackers Sending Ransomware-Laden USB Drives To Businesses

Packages purporting to be from Amazon, containing gifts, actually held something much more sinister. Source Link Jack Turner January 10th 2022 8:59 am The FBI has warned that the latest ransomware threat may not come from the internet – but instead via an infected USB stick. A security alert sent to US organizations details that […]

MS Critical Infrastructure Photos

Mississippi Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

We need your help! We need MS Critical Infrastructure Photos! Our company provides cybersecurity for 14 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors (including elections infrastructure) defined by the Dept of Homeland Security. We are also heavily integrated with the Infragard Mississippi Members Alliance. We are looking for “artistic” photos and drone footage that highlights our […]

ATG Guardian: Alert

Recent RANSOMWARE threats against state and local government In response to the increase in ransomware attacks against state and local governments, please see this one-page document provided by govdelivery.com: three steps your department can take to protect your networks and data against adversaries. This document is provided courtesy of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency […]

ATG Guardian: Alert

PHISHING threat identified What happened? A malicious and successful email campaign is currently circulating and has affected users in our area. The email is generated by harvesting credentials to a user’s email account, then performing nefarious activities using these credentials. How was it identified? *The email contains fluent English language phrases that are consistent with […]

Brief synopsis about why we do it the way we do it!

Since 1995 I’ve connected a lot of computers to many networks.  In the early days the functionality was simple: share some files on a server, run an application so that many users could update data or print to a common, expensive printer. As the years passed and the functions evolved, organizations that once worked without […]